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With our area housing several Navy bases and Coast Guard stations, I have a large number of military buyers who are moving to the area but are not able to be here for closing. Marcy has taken all the anxiety I used to face when trying to find a Notary Public for mail-away closings in different states. She has an amazing network of Notaries who do a remarkable job. Thank goodness I found Marcy!

Kelly N. – Manager

I appreciate you. In fact, you are the ONLY company I work for that is so positive, encouraging and knowledgeable!! So thank you for all the extra you give, it doesn’t go unappreciated!!!

Connie E. – Nebraska

Marcy, I enjoy working with you because you are honest and fair and are always giving us new ideas and keeping us up on the latest notary news. Also, love the blog! I love my job because I get to meet so many nice people. I always try to make them feel that they are deserving of my undivided attention.

Joan W. – New York

When I see an assignment for Professional Notary Services come across my desk, I’m always delighted to accept. Not only are the fees fair and paid in a timely manner, but also Marcy is always happy to assist if there are any issues. Additionally, she makes a commendable effort staying current with industry trends and imparting that knowledge to her contractors. I’ve closed more than 3000 loans in my time as an NSA and worked with almost every company out there. I can say with absolute certainty that PNS is a signing service that makes this industry better.

Adam S. – Tennessee

As a Notary Signing Agent, I’ve had the pleasure working with Marcy. She is fair, diligent, forthright and diplomatic. She strives to lift those in her field to a higher standard by providing the skills and knowledge needed to excel and grow in this ever changing and challenging industry.

Leisa A. – New York

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Our law firm practices real estate throughout the entire state of New York. During the past four years, our law firm has utilized the services of Professional Notary Services, Inc. to attend our firm’s real estate closings on our behalf. Since we are based in Rochester, Professional Notary Services, Inc. has proven to be invaluable to our film in assuring efficient and timely real estate closings over a wide range of counties throughout New York. Professional Notary Services, Inc. and its President, Marcy Tiberio, offer top-notch services. While Marcy and her staff exhibit high levels of professionalism, I am most impressed with their responsiveness and attention to our film’s needs. Often in the real estate business, closings get scheduled with short notice. Marcy is always quick to respond to our request for a notary regardless of the time of day. Marcy and her staff’s ability to cater to our time sensitive needs are crucial to our firm’s success. I believe that Professional Notary Services, Inc. will make a valuable addition to any organization in need of notary services.

Erin M. – Attorney

Marcy and her team of closers have been an enormous benefit to our national closings. From arranging signings with short notice to dealing with any client-specific closing needs, Professional Notary Services has consistently exceeded our expectations.

David R. – Closing Supervisor

Marcy and her staff have acted as our lender closing representative for mortgage closings out of the Monroe County area for our office for the last few years. They do an excellent job and provide superior service to our Firm. Because of our high volume of closings, it is not cost effective for us to send our staff to an out of the area closing when we have a high volume of closings being conducted in our office. We can always count on Marcy and her staff and we don’t worry about not being able to provide a representative for an out of county closing for our lender clients. With all of the closings she has done for our office we have never had a problem with any of the them and we are always confident that the closing is conducted professionally and done correctly without any signatures being missed or documents not being returned to our office. Any feedback from attorneys about Professional Notary Services has always been positive.

Jennifer W. – Mortgage Lending Administrator

Over the last several months, we have been networking with mortgage lenders that have been originating business in the upstate New York counties. Professional Notary Services, Inc has provided our firm with outstanding service, professionalism and partnership on the settlement of these loans. Marcy and her team have been excellent to work with and are our go to notary service in New York State. I look forward to continuing to work with Professional Notary Services, Inc in the future.

John A. – Senior Paralegal

I have been using Professional Notary Services for the past 4 years. I always receive such positive feedback from all of our borrowers after the closing. Marcy is super responsive and always keeps me updated if anything comes up at the closing. I really enjoy working with Marcy & her team and look forward to continuing to close many more loans together!!

Matthew K. – Closing Supervisor

*None of these individuals have been paid or promised compensation for their kind words. They just really like us!