March 10, 2023

Proving a Signer’s Identity

Remember when you could take whatever you wanted to prove a signer’s identity? No longer, my friends. We have standards now. Five ways you can prove a signer’s identity for an in-person notarization:

1- Front and back of a government-issued ID that is current & valid and has the signer’s signature and photograph.
2- At least two current documents issued by an institution, business entity, or federal or state government with at least the individual’s signature.
3- Personal knowledge by the notary.
4- The oath or affirmation of a witness personally known to both the individual and notary.
5- The oath or affirmation of two witnesses who know the individual personally and provide identification that meets the requirements of #1.

This is not only useful information for notaries, but also for those that are having to sign documents. Please know what you can use to verify your identity, so the notarization process goes smoothly and without error.