November 29, 2023

Making Cybersecurity A Priority


     The news is filled with tales of cybersecurity hacks. The Fidelity and First American hacks hit close to home for the notary industry. Each of those hacks alone caused numerous clients to scramble for new signing agents, delayed closings, and more. If it happened to these big companies, it could happen to any of us. We have taken a look at our cybersecurity policies and procedures, and we recommend everyone else does too.

      At PNS, we take the safeguarding of our customers and notary information seriously. We have taken all precautions to protect the security of our cyber systems and technology. Even before it was a popular concept, we added a Cybersecurity Insurance Policy. Our IT team regularly monitors our systems as well. PNS consistently uses encrypted email, multi-factor authentication, and password protected documents. Marcy Tiberio, owner of Professional Notary Services, wrote an article about safeguarding signers and adheres to all of those recommendations.  

       Recognizing that the events with Fidelity and First American have left many of our colleagues without notary services and loans that still need to be closed, we ask that if you or someone you know are ever in that situation, you think of Professional Notary Services and refer accordingly. Please know that we will be happy to serve their needs until their security issues get worked out. If you would initiate an introduction, we would be grateful. We do have a referral program if you are interested. Please reach out to for more information about how to qualify for the referral program.

       As of March 2023, PNS added Remote Online Notarizations in all 50 states and internationally. We carefully vetted RON platforms before choosing one who stands by their security measures for online notarizations. (If you are looking for a secure RON platform, here is a link for the recordings for the RON product demonstrations.)  Of course, we continue to maintain a fleet of 1100 notaries that provide mobile notary services in every state maintaining high security standards for in person notarizations as well.

        The cyberworld feels more unsafe than ever. We urge you to put standards and practices into place that safeguard not only your professional data, but your personal data as well. PNS Interviewed Ken Fanger for our In the Know video series and he discusses some of the ways that notaries can protect themselves. If you would like to verify our cyber protection and would like to review our cyber insurance binder, we are happy to supply it.

We are committed to helping our clients and notaries feel secure. PNS has always and continues to make our clients’ and notaries’ protection our priority.