April 12, 2024

In the Know with Valonda Banks

Professional Notary Services and New York Notary Alliance joined together to deliver our In the Know Interview with Valonda Banks.

Valonda Banks is a seasoned professional in hiring with nearly three decades of experience.

Married to someone she affectionately calls ‘the funniest human on the planet,’ Valonda brings a sense of humor and warmth to all aspects of her life. She has been a dedicated Eagles fan for the last 30 years and balances her professional life with her role as a mom to a young daughter in grade school and a grown son who is married and now has a son of his own.

She and her husband built Liberty Employment Solutions to support small and medium-sized businesses with People Strategy to include Employer Branding Strategy, Hiring Process Partnership and Organizational Development Strategy.

Her team at Liberty is known for their relational service, authenticity, and love of fun.

Valonda’s expertise isn’t just limited to hiring; she’s an avid football fan, traveler, and a voracious reader, always ready to engage in discussions about football, good books, and crazy stories about interviews and what happens when they’re not done well.

You can find Valonda’s Interview on the PNS YouTube Channel.