January 27, 2024

In the Know with Karen Kurchyne

The new year brings in a feeling of hope and an energy of new beginnings. It’s like opening the first page of a new mystery novel. Not knowing what the pages hold, but looking forward to digging into what you are about to discover. What characters will you meet, what fun will you find, what plot twists will take you by surprise, and will you see the final chapter coming.  All while you are the author, main character, quirky sidekick, and the one that ultimately did it! This year is beautifully open for you to create whatever the story is that you want to live. 

It starts by clearing space from all the old paperwork and debris from last year.  Pick it up, address it, and file it away.  You’re the only one that can create closure to the past. And no one else can help you do it. So, clear your inner desk so you have space in your life for what’s to come. Then decide on the topic. What areas in life do you want to put most of your attention and energy toward. You can’t write a book on 5 different topics and do all of them justice. Just as it’s difficult to focus your attention on bringing 5 different life dreams to your reality at the same time. Pick the one that you need first or that’s most important to you.  Now you need to set the outline. Decide what your intentions are for the year ahead and what smaller goals you wish to manifest. Make sure you consider how you want to reader to feel in the end. Because that reader is you!  Now make sure you are ready! Because what’s next is stepping into those pages and writing the blockbuster story of 2024 through your actions, your choices, and your motivation! 

Lots of ‘stuff’, social media, politics, business ups and downs, family and personal drama is going to try to distract you.  But you are the only one that decides if you let it.  

This year is the number 8 in numerology.  It’s the energy of balance of our material world and our spirituality.  So, find the balance through your choices, your actions, and your plot twists to develop the outcome of how you want to feel on December 31, 2024. 

May this year bless you in the abundance of Love, laughter, good health, and deeper connection to all.

Karen Kurchyne is a psychic medium, energy healer, life and business coach, Spiritual mentor and teacher, and a self-proclaimed ‘Green Girl’.  She connected to Spirit at first memory of four years old.  And continued to develop that relationship throughout her life. Building the foundation to the successful self-employed business that she has today.  It allowed her to retire from her 25-year corporate career at the age of 46 to do what she loves most, guiding us all to find Peace with ourselves, each other, those we have lost, and this beautiful earth we call home. 

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