November 25, 2023

In the Know with Curtis Harkness

Professional Notary Services and its sister company, New York Notary Alliance joined forces to bring you an interview with Curtis Harkness of 3:5 Creatives, LLC. Curtis is the Chief marketing Office at 3:5 Creatives and shares some excellent tips on how to market your Notary business. He also shared a story about how he found out the hard way why it is so important to have a notary who is In the Know. His marriage depended on it. Tune in to find out what happened with Curtis and his notary experience on our YouTube channel.

Here is a little more information about Curtis.

Curtis Harkness began his professional career generating over $150k between 7th and 10th grade while freelancing for a sport paraphernalia company. He later attended Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business and The American Business School of Paris where he studied and
practiced International Business and produced global events.

Curtis has worked on projects spanning 14 different countries, with a multitude of vendors and brands. ranging from the Reebok CrossFit Games, SuperBowl, Direct TV, Shell Eco Marathon, Model Beach
Volleyball, World Cup, to SXSW and Sundance Film Festival.

From creating a curated art gallery with a pop-up beach club at Swim Week at the National Hotel, to producing a college tour that tapped into uncovered potential for Microsoft, Curtis has always been on the forefront of merging technology with the human experience to create a positive cultural connection for brands to relate to their consumers.

Enjoy the interview!