PNS Owner Marcy Tiberio often writes articles for trade associations and other organizations about how to be a notary, how to build a notary business while maintaining professionalism and integrity within the industry, and much more. 

PNS delivers quality service in a variety of applications. In the past, we have worked mostly in the business-to-business arena providing notarizations for real estate closings, commercial loans, etc.  We are excited to share that we are also able to provide general notary work for consumers utilizing our Remote Online Notarization platform.

What companies look for

What companies look for when hiring Notary Signing Agents

May 5, 2016

I have been asked by Notaries numerous times over the years how they can get more work. I have compiled some of the things that set apart the good NSAs from the bad. A lot of these suggestions may seem like little things, but they make a huge difference. Act like you are a professional From the moment you answer the phone until the minute you return a package, you are on the clock.

Preparing for Things To Go Wrong

NSA Tip: Preparing For Things To Go Wrong

August 9, 2017

As mobile Notaries, we love those days when everything goes smoothly. Documents are on time, they print accurately, you get to a closing early, the borrowers have copies of ID, sign in record time and off you go to the next appointment. But throw in a copier malfunction, power outage, severe weathr or vehicle breakdown, and your perfect day can easily turn into a nightmare.

Common Loan-Signing Mistakes

Signing Agent Tip: 5 Common Loan-Signing Mistakes

September 26, 2017

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Success does not consist of never making mistakes but in never making the same one twice.” We all make mistakes. But as Notary Signing Agents, those mistakes can create significant issues for all parties involved. Fortunately, knowledge is power and knowing what some common errors are could help you to avoid them in the first place.