March 28, 2024

A New Chapter for 3:5 Creative – Partnering with PNS

A New Chapter for 3:5 Creative[s]: Partnering with Professional Notary Services

Curtis Harkness from 3:5 Creatives

Curtis Harkness here from 3:5 Creatives. I’m here to share a unique journey we embarked on that expanded our portfolio and reshaped our perspective on the power of innovative service solutions. It all began when Professional Notary Services chose us as their marketing agency of record and tasked us with recreating their website and optimizing their SEO.

Embarking on a Collaborative Journey

Our adventure started with a simple yet pivotal mission: to revamp the online presence of Professional Notary Services. As we delved deeper into their business, we quickly realized we were dealing with more than just another client. We discovered a service that was breaking the mold and providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency in the notary public space.

The Revelation of Mobile Notary Services

One of the first things that struck us about Professional Notary Services was their innovative approach to notarization—bringing their services directly to the client. This wasn’t just about digitizing an old process; it was about reimagining how notary services could be delivered in our fast-paced, convenience-driven world. As we learned more, we found ourselves inspired by their dedication to making notarization accessible and straightforward for everyone, everywhere.

A Website and SEO Strategy as Innovative as Their Services

Our task was clear: create a digital platform that mirrored Professional Notary Services’ innovation and accessibility. As we rebuilt their website, we focused on user experience, ensuring that potential clients could easily understand and access the mobile notary services offered. Simultaneously, our SEO efforts were designed to reflect the uniqueness of their services, targeting those in need of efficient, mobile notarization with precision and clarity.

The Impact of Our Collaboration 

The partnership between 3:5 Creatives and Professional Notary Services turned into a learning opportunity that extended beyond the realms of website design and SEO optimization. It was a firsthand look at how a business could transform a traditional service into something extraordinary with the right mix of innovation and client focus. This project didn’t just change the way we thought about notary services; it influenced how we approached our work, inspiring us to think outside the box and prioritize the user experience in every project we undertake.

Looking to the Future with Gratitude

As we continue to build and expand our portfolio at 3:5 Creatives, our experience with Professional Notary Services remains a cornerstone of our development. It was a reminder of the impact thoughtful marketing and innovation can have on a business and its clientele. I’m incredibly proud of the work we accomplished together and grateful for the opportunity to play a role in their journey.

A big shoutout to everyone at Professional Notary Services for their trust, and collaboration, and for allowing us to be a part of their incredible story. Here’s to continued success and innovation, together.